Provided great results

The Resistance Chair, Smooth Rider II & Freedom Flex have provided great results for several of our Senior residents. Non-threatening and very easy to use. Gives our Residents something in their day to look forward to, especially being able to exercise any time during the day.

Rev. PF / Church Housing Center - NJ

Great device and great value.

Easy to use and very sturdy chair. Meets my needs and my wife as well. Get a very good workout from the shocks.

Amazon Customer

Hightly Recommended

Bought it for our physical therapy office. Excellent upper back support and the shoulder exercises are much easier for patients to do. The tubing is a little too strong for someone who had shoulder surgery done but should provide a good resistance for typical person trying to get a good workout. We use the chair with lighter tubing. If this was sold as a medical device I can see it go for over $1000. Highly recommended.

N. Medical

I absolutely love this chair.

No regrets whatsoever. I strongly recommend this item to anyone who don’t have the time to go to the gym.

LV Tee

Excellent Quality

I have been using the Resistance Chair Exercise System for 3+ years on a daily basis with my pulmonary rehabilitation patients and I couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied with it. The Resistance Chair allows me to offer my patients a varied workout specific to their needs and abilities. With the addition of the Freedom Flex and cycle attachments, an even more varied exercise regime can be attained. The quality of the chair is excellent; it stands up to the rigors of everyday use. I highly recommend the Resistance Chair Exercise System for personal as well as professional use.

David J. / Registered Respiratory Therapist

My 89 year old mother is enjoying exercising again.

Frances U

Awesome for beginners and those that need therapy.

This almost makes working out fun. My whole family has been using it. My husband has had some shoulder problems that he has been going to the chiropractor for. So now in between visits he’s using this. We haven’t moved up to other bands yet. But we are getting there. The best thing is I can sit and do a few reps while dinner is cooking. Easy enough to move around as well. I am a plus sized woman and this is very comfortable and able to handle my 300 lbs easily. The next thing I will order is the bands for the ankles. Then it will be a complete all over machine. Very easy to set up right from the box. I had an old back pack hanging around so I put all the bands in there and hang it off the back bar.

Claudette M.