Hot & Cold Therapy


All mobile compression therapy supports include removable gel pack (for hot or cold), compression pump and extender straps
Hot & Cold Therapy
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  • Designed to easily adjust to either your left or right wrist.
  • The compression pump supports and applies pressure unlike conventional wraps.
  • Thumb loop enhances the ease of fitting.

Indications: Wrist strains and sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, hand injuries.


  • Designed to provide knee pain relief to all 4 areas of your knee.
  • The adjustable straps and compression pump allow you to apply specific pressure to each of these areas.
  • Precise anatomical fitting allows you to walk during treatment.

Indications: Ligament injuries and strains (ACL, PCL, MCL), meniscus strain or injury, patella tendonitis, chondromalacia, bursitis, arthritis, Post-Surgery Treatment.


  • Strap conveniently adjusts in the front, allowing customized fit.
  • The compression pump secures the gel pack to your lower back, providing a deep, high quality cold or hot treatment.
  • The compression also provides anatomical support to your lower back providing additional lower back pain relief.

Additional Use: The Back Support can be used without the Gel Pack as a traditional anatomical lumbar support. It can be used during regular activities.

Indications: Lumbar injuries and strains, Thoracic injuries and strains, Post-Surgical recovery, back muscle soreness and spasms, Sciatica, SI Joint pain, arthritis


  • Individually designed for the left shoulder to maximize fit and effectiveness.
  • The body strap allows you to easily move and walk while during treatment.
  • The circumferential compression secures the gel pack to your entire shoulder area, which typically is very difficult to fit with just a wrap.

Additional Uses: Prior to exercising, a 5-10 minute heat therapy treatment will help loosen stiff shoulder areas.


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