"Exercise is the root of life when you get past 50 years old. If you have people in your family who are over 50 and need to be encouraged to exercise, it would be wonderful for them."

Bobbi Smith

"The Resistance Chair is one of the greatest things that I've found. What I like is that I can do this at home. A gym is great, but I think this is a complete gym right at home."

Ron Warner

"I have more energy. I burn more calories, which helps keep me nice and thin. The Resistance Chair has done that for me. It's in the middle of the room and it really helps just to come in and do a few exercises every day."

Margaret Burton

"This Resistance Chair is a great workout. It's real easy to use, easy to set up, and it's real convenient for me. I can keep it here in the office and workout 15 to 20 minutes a day. It's improved my golf game a lot because it's improved my upper body strength. I love it!"

Joe Lopez

"My husband and I have been researching the possibility of getting a Resistance Chair for about a month. Our research led us to multiple testimonials of people who were thrilled, not only with the quality of the workout, but also the workmanship of the chair."

Andrea Batchelder

"I enjoy fishing. I enjoy walking. Those are very good, but they don't give you a complete workout. This gives you a complete workout."

Dean Danielson

"After I got out of the Marine Corps, I got out of shape. So, what I did was get ahold of the Resistance Chair and it helped out a great deal. I keep my posture. I loosen up my shoulders, my arms, my legs. I have a hectic schedule and I do like to walk and I like to ride bikes. This helps me maintain my fitness and it helps me relieve stress. I highly recommend the Chair."

Joe Spot

"This chair I use. It doesn't take up much space. I can keep it in my bedroom, where I can get to it every single morning, and that's really neat."

Diane Moon

"I think this is a phenomenal piece of equipment. I've been in and out of gyms for literally over 45 years and with this Resistance Chair I can do most of the exercises without the hassle of going to a gym."

Pete Hanson

"It's nice to have what I call a 'no brainer'. I like the Resistance Chair because it's safe and because you can change the resistance cables and make the intensity more, so it's great for a variety of people. You can work with people with knee problems, shoulder problems, and back problems, and do it in a way where you can work at their level."

Sandy Knight, Senior Fitness Instructor

"As a physical therapist, we see what happens when you don't take care of yourself, when you don't exercise. With the Resistance Chair, with the Mini-Bike system and Freedom Flex shoulder system, it's an all-in-one package, it's a full exercise program, and it's fun to use."

Chuck Heathco, Physical Therapist

"Finally, somebody's come up with a piece of equipment that speaks directly to seniors...That makes them feel comfortable, stable, and supported. What it means is that in the privacy of their own homes, using the instructional DVDs, people are able to get the strength they need to do everyday functional things, to bend, to lift, etc."

Kathy Stevens, Kinesiologist

"I've had the Chair for three years and I'm so pleased with it. The customer service when I call about anything is friendly and efficient. I got the Smooth Rider mini-bike in February of this year. The gentleman who put the Smooth Rider together for me is a construction worker who builds houses and puts windows in and things like that--he couldn't believed how well-engineered that Chair was. I'm a widow and I can change the resistance cords on it and I don't need a tool to do it. I'm just so appreciative of such a fine company. I think they should be in every assisted living facility around the country. Salesmen should go to those places to sell these chairs. If I was [sic] in assisted living, I would love to be able to work out on a chair like that. You're never too old for exercise, that's for sure. I want to thank the nice people at this company for all their care and concern. You couldn't do any better than to get a nice chair like this and you don't even have to go out of your house to exercise. So thank you very much."

Karen LaPointe, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

"I own a health food store, I'm a nurse and a real estate agent. I'm 70 years old and have been using your equipment [since April]. I find the Resistance Chair marvelous. It has done so much for me. I know part of it contributed to my 40 lb weight loss. The flexibility has been great. I thank you so much for coming up with this. It's ideal--it's so easy to keep anywhere. It just seems to be part of the room for me. Again, I want to thank you, and God bless you."

Louise Geary, North Georgia

"I have a 25-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy. As she doesn't get any therapy, we decided to try the Resistance Chair. This is great in helping her with stretching, endurance and balance. We use the chair every night and she enjoys using it. Her legs are very tight and she normally has no movement in her ankles or toes. After following the introductory DVD I am moving her ankles every day and now she has some independent movement. Her legs are getting less tight also. This chair is a great alternative to physical therapy."

Marcia Baum, Nevada

"I have been using my new action care chair now for a couple weeks and am very satisfied with not only its looks, but how it works. It gives a great workout and leaves you looking forward to the next session.
I would also like to say "Thank You" to your customer service for the friendly, professional way they treated me when ever I called them. Good job folks, and thank you again."

Leslie Patton, Stoneboro, PA

Resistance Chair Reveiw by Home Care Assistance of San Diego


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