• VQ ActionCare exercise chair system

    Exercise is the root of life when you get past 50 years old. If you have people in your family who are over 50..

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  • I have more energy. I burn more calories, which helps keep me nice and thin. The Resistance Chair...

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  • This Resistance Chair is a great workout. It's real easy to use, easy to set up, and it's real convenient...

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  • After I got out of the Marine Corps, I got out of shape. So, what I did was get ahold of the Resistance...

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  • The Resistance Chair is one of the greatest things that I've found. What I like is...

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Exercise Chair

Resistance Chair Exercise System

Use the Resistance Chair for a full body workout from a safe, comfortable seated position.

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Resistance Chair Exercise System Accessories

The right exercise chair accessories make a big difference toward reaching your workout goals.

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Resistance Chair Exercise System Videos

Join a resistance chair exercise class in the comfort of your own home.

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Sit And Be Fit™

Resistance Chair Exercise System routines

Award-winning routines and products from the award-winning television series, Sit and Be Fit™.

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VQ ActionCare Resistance Chair Exercise System

VQ ActionCare – Finalist position for the 2011 Best of the Web Awards!

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Resistance Chair Exercise System TV Commercial

View the Resistance Exercise Chair Television Commercial

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